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Rede Wealth ® is an independent wealth         
management firm in Charlottesville, Virginia.

This site is provided as an additional resource for our clients.          

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What We Do

What We Do

Most investment strategies oversimplify the issues that matter to you. They focus on a few factors, like your available funds, current age, and time horizon. Your life and its associated goals can’t be summed up or achieved by a simple equation. As your lifestyle naturally evolves and changes, your investment strategy should, too. At Rede ®, you are our sole focus. We understand that investing is less about our recommendations and more about what you want and need. Here, you’ll get the support to create an Investment Process that evolves with you, whether your future includes marriage, children, college funding, retirement, or changes you can’t predict right now.

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About Us

We chose the name Rede ® because it perfectly describes our mission of providing helpful advice, continuous consult and ready access to a wealth of knowledge that will aid in the financial journey of our clients. That’s what we do. Advice is our business and we’re REDEFINING the way our clients think about advice.

We're dedicated to providing clear, objective advice while educating our clients about the investment world.  In other words, we’ll do our best to simplify the big picture and put you in control while managing the details you don’t want to handle.

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